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Wild free awake exists to amplify the message, create momentum, and acheive unprecendented business results for mission driven orgainzations and in doing so spread consciousness on the planet.



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Wild Free Awake began in 2019, when the founders Katie and Jessica sat on a beach in Panama and pondered how they could best serve the world. With over two decades of experience between them helping businesses from $0 in revenue to hundreds of millions of dollars scale, and a commitment to helping business thrive, they decided to open a strategic consulting company, and voilá – Wild Free Awake.

Wild Free Awake works with service-based, online businesses that are ready to invest in themselves, do the work and grow from 6 to 7 figures get setup for success and SCALE.

Business is a spiritual game and you are a modern day gladiator for good! You are courageous, creative, and a little bit crazy. We see you and we want to support you!

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Out-of-the box thinkers with over 25 years of experience  Buying, Selling, Running and Scaling 5 to 9-figure businesses.

(yup, we said 9 and we meant it!)


Katie McCarthy

Co-Founder, Creative, Connector, Coaching & Strategy

Reflecting back, my professional career has been driven by curiosity and creativity coupled with the statement turned mantra - "there's gotta be a better way."

I love adventure, was raised to run toward challenges, couldn't stop ideas from flowing to me if I tried, and love, love, LOVE talking with people with the explicit intent of helping them take the next step in whatever area of life they are stuck in.

Hindsight 20/20, my career choices are no surprise. Here's a brief history of what I’ve “done” and what I learned...

Lotsa Restaurants - slinging drinks and food taught me to how to provide impeccable customer service with a smile, on a tight timeline while random strangers unwittingly taking their day’s issues out on your. JK! Not really.

Corporate Consulting - project management for the USN taught me how to create institutional resources, how to respectfully challenge conventional wisdom and question authority, how to craft an argument and brief a 5-star, the value of beginners mind, that damn-near everyone’s replaceable and that that’s a blessing

Podcast & Coaching - creating a podcast, interviewing over 100 entrepreneurs and starting a coaching business taught me how to listen for gold in what people are saying - aka the lesson, limitation or opportunity

Web-series Production - production taught me how to sell from a place of service, how to identify what’s in it for others, how to research and package products and services

Operations - running operations and project management for online businesses taught me how to manage remote teams with varied skills sets and objectives toward a common goal, how to create community and company culture without face-to-face contact, what it takes to make a company scalable, how to build funnels and how to build and optimize online courses, programs and schools to maximize student retention and completion

Buying and Selling a Personal Styling Company - buying a selling a company in an industry I had no experience in taught me to how to negotiate buying and then selling a business, the value of existing branding, web assets, structure and goodwill, how to hire and train a team a skill-set without expertise or doing it myself. It taught me leverage

Wild Free Awake has taught me clarity, concentration and courage.


Jessica Perkowitz

Co-Founder, Operations & Strategy

I enjoy working on challenging projects that have historically been stuck in a rut and deemed impossible and turning that SH(% around. Nothing makes me happier than demonstrating that magic is, in fact, possible.

I value efficiency. Katie would say that I’m obsessed with spreadsheets and I don't want to improve something by 10%, I want to double or triple the revenue/profit/traffic/efficiency or it doesn’t feel like I did my job.

Most of my professional career was spent at Healthline - the #1 ranked health information website. I started with Healthline in 2007 as the 25th employee and watched it grow from a couple of people in an office room with a dream to 300 people in 5 offices around the world. I quickly moved from junior analyst, creating forecasts and daily dashboards, to Senior Director running a department that was invented for me called the "Center of Excellence." The Center of Excellence worked with departments or projects that were constantly on fire to identify and address hard to define and solve problems and create flow in the company. During my time as Director of the Center of Excellence:

- Identified and defined the opportunity for mobile ad monetization and sold the idea to internal stakeholders 2 years before it was on the tech implementation roadmap, this led to a 1,000% increase in mobile ad revenue in 3 months.

- Lead the analysis and successful acquisition of over 6 websites adding $15M+ in revenue per year and over 25,000 pieces of content to Healthline Media.

- Migrated a website with over 3,000 pieces of unique content over into the Healthline site in 24 hours - a task that the Director of Technology said would take 6 months.

- Created and instituted company-wide work from home policy, that ultimately increased company-wide communication and significantly reduced overhead cost.

My particular genius comes with a little bit of insistence, determination, and confidence, that some would call cocky. But I assure you my “cockiness” isn’t that. It’s my unswerving commitment to your vision and the results I know are possible for you and your business.

When I’m in, I’m all in and I promise you that if you are willing to do the simple (not easy, but simple) tasks that I outline for you the results in your business’s bottom line will be undeniable.

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