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I'm Katie.

Welcome to Wild. Free. Awake. Your hub for tools & services to grow you business with authenticity and EASE.
Stop working so damn hard and start enjoying your life!

You’ve worked hard to get where you are and despite your best efforts, you’re still:

  • Having a hard time doing the things that you KNOW will grow your business
  • Struggling to consistently bring in new clients
  • Finding vendors you love working with
  • Uncomfortable with having sales conversations & resisting charging what you're worth
  • Don't see a pathway to creating the kind of impact that lights you up!
  • Stuck trading dollars for hours
Don’t worry! I’ve been there, learned the lessons and are here to help.
WHo am I?



Your Besty in business & Sister in Success

I’m a trusted agent to leaders, mindset-master & hypnotherapist, operations-obsessed business optimizer, recovering perfectionist and project manager, sales & internet marketing expert, MASSIVE action taker, lifestyle design, self-love and energetic mastery coach who is totes into the woo and unwilling to sacrifice selfceare for success, wanderlust laptop-warrior, massive advocates of #bathtimeisthebesttime, stubborn-AF achiever, business buyer & seller, chatty-Katies, frequent flier, snake juice sipper, occasional boozy bitch, and your new bestie-mcfriendster.

See that? We are multifaceted – yup, just like the gems we really are and so are you!

We are here to help you envision & actualize – AKA really have – the business success you want and know is possible!

You have been working on your business for years,
but you haven't ...

Hit your financial target yet. Or maybe you have a big hairy audacious goal that you don’t know how to reach. Or maybe you have been working on hiring great people and you – suck at training, can’t find anyone trust worthy and competent or are having a hell of a time setting them up to thrive.

Stop stressing babe - I’ve got a solution for that…

Whether you need...

I've got you!

5 simple steps to success

The Wild. Free. Awake. process



Clarify Your Vision & Targets

Can't see the forest for the trees? Don't worry!
Let's deep dive into your business - where you are, where you want to go and what's holding your back!

Identify Your Zone of Genius

You've been doing damn-near everything and to get where you want to go - that just won't work!
Let's identify your zone of genius so that you can work & stay there!

Craft Your Custom Success Plan

You don't have to figure it out all by yourself!
Borrow our brains and 25 years of experience, and let us create your custom success plan.

Implement Your Success Plan

Implementation has never been easier. You work within your zone of genius and we do the rest. Your team or ours we'll manage GSD-ing & create the system that set you free.

Acheive Your Targets with Ease

Look at you, scaling without sacrifice.
Kick-back, relax and experience the solid foundation you've created for growth, knowing there's more coming your way.


What People are Saying

Katie & Jessica have great business minds! Working with them has been exhilarating. For the first time in a long time it feels like I am moving in the right direction and building momentum.

Dave B. / Recruiting company CEO

Working with Katie

  • You are smart, hard-working and know your business inside and out, and despite all of that you aren’t where you want to be!
  • You have a masters in Google and you aren’t afraid to ask for help.
  • You know solutions are out there, you’ve tried to D.I.Y. it and somehow that’s just not cutting it.

You want solutions and results. You want them now and you are ready to pay for them! Well, we’re here for you!

Leverage our years of experience, borrow our brains, tap into our team and network and more importantly get the solutions you are seeking!


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Getting Out Of Overwhelm & into Action 

You are up to big things and you’re not afraid to do the work.

You spend all day working but somehow you just don’t feel like you are gaining traction & momentum. Every thing you cross off your list seems to create more to put on your list and none of it’s making you more money.

Download this FREE guide and:

  • Spend less time working
  • Make more money
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed & overworked and…
  • Spend more time doing what you love and working in your zone of genius
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